What I do:

October 10, 2018

Between the Stories Coaching:
Between the Stories is a blend of literature, coaching, and ritual to help you discover your inner truths and reach your goals.
Maybe you just read a book and you are inspired to implement some or all of its strategies in your life, but you don’t know where to start.
Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve read so many so-called self-help books, and you never stick with them.
I can help design a plan to reach your specific goals!
I would love to read, review, and implement along with you!

We can read about and transform any area of your life. From life tasks such as organization and time management to more delicate areas like spirituality or grief processing, we can create a plan or you can choose from my proven paths.

I have specific expertise in:

goal setting and achieving,
organization and clutter clearing,
parenting and special/medical needs parenting,
idea generating/accelerating (also known as brainstorming),
relationship and friendship coaching
building healthier habits

I can help you in any area you’d like to transform or deepen through the power of books and reading!

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